Amarillo Zoo, in recent history, has had its share of incredibly sad goodbyes. This time, though, they are celebrating. The Amarillo Zoo is welcoming its newest resident, who does some nifty tricks with phone books.

Know the name, Bagheera? Of course you do. It's Amarillo Zoo's new jaguar.

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Go Ahead And Smile, Disney Fans. It's Okay.

I couldn't stop myself from smiling, no matter how hard I tried. The name evoked all kinds of nostalgic joy remembering the protector of the man cub from the classic Jungle Book.

Then I saw the photos of the new resident at Amarillo Zoo. Bagheera the jaguar is gorgeous, and a little terrifying if I'm honest. The terrifying part is what he does to a phone book, which I'll get to in a bit.

Bagheera is an 8-year-old jaguar who came to Amarillo from an animal preserve that is closing, according to a press release from the City of Amarillo. He arrived in February, and the press release states that he's already made himself right at home.

Tell Me About The Phone Books! What Does He Do With A Phone Book?!

The reason I keep mentioning phone books is because of this video shared on the City of Amarillo's Facebook page.

While Bagheera is intimidating in his own right, just based on looks alone, the way he shreds his way through that phone book is enough to keep me awake at night. I doubt anymore strange creatures make their way near the zoo with this jaguar keeping watch.

On a more adorable note, Bagheera does know some cool tricks. He responds to vocal cues that help the veterinarians do check ups and other medical stuff.

Bagheera knows sit, lay down, raise up, and roll over.

If you're hoping to see Bagheera yourself sometime soon, you're in luck. The Amarillo Zoo is having an official "Welcome To Amarillo" event for him on Saturday at 2PM.

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