So you say you wanna celebrate dad on his special day huh?

Well, the good news is there will be PLENTY of places you can take him on Father's Day here in Amarillo, and I'm here to give you just a few of the places throwing down some specials on his day.

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If your dad is like me, he may just want to kick back and take it easy. Nothing too strenuous, just something where he can put his proverbial feet up and enjoy a day do what he likes. Personally my kind of day would be either hanging out a restaurant/sports bar watching some games, or just hanging out in the backyard smoking some meat and enjoying a few cold ones.

That doesn't mean you can't do something special for him and save a little money doing it. Check these out.


If your dad is a car and/or motorcycle guy, this may be a spot to take him. The event is being held at Zombiez, 711 SW 10th Ave and will be a day full of sweet rides. The car show begins at 2pm with live music from The Rocketz starting at 4pm. The car show is free, the show will cost ya $5 a head.


If your dad is an amusement park kinda guy, then Wonderland is making sure he gets what he wants! That's right, dad is getting a free WOW pass with the purchase of a kids WOW pass. Fun for the entire family and dad gets to enjoy some great company while having a blast.


Ok this is kinda cool. You can go right now to the Walk On's Facebook page and sign dad up to win a $50 gift card. They're drawing the winner Friday, June 17th, so if dad wins, he's got $50 to use up on Father's Day!

So there's just a few things you can do for dad on his day. Keep your eyes peeled as there will undoubtedly be a ton more that pop up!

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