Last week we had some beautiful days, so we  packed up the kids when Daddy got home from work and off to the park we went.  It was so very nice.  The kids went to the playground, Daddy and Mommy went for a walk, and it was such a great time. 

Jess C.
Jess C.

I truly love warm weather, and I am not the kind that complains about winter then complains about summer.  I just complain about winter.  Being originally from So Cal I love the warmer weather.  When I get a chance to be outside I use it to the full advantage.  Last week it seemed like the world got out to join us.  The park was full and I loved it.

My husband used to work for the city when we lived in another town and we both used to take our little ones to the pond to feed the ducks.  While walking along MediPark we reminisced about all the years we have walked so many parks.  I want my children to enjoy the world they have been blessed with.  I want our kids to take advantage of the beauty that surrounds them, natural beauty.

As mommies and daddies do you take advantage of all the local parks?  Have you taken the brood out to Palo Duro Canyon?  Single ladies and gents do you go bicycling?  How about joining the outdoors volleyball league or a basketball team?  It really does excite me when I drive down Washington and see all the parks filled with people using what the city has made for us.

What is your favorite park and Why?

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