Last year I made the decision to use all natural cleaning products.  Maybe from spending too much time on Pinterest or maybe from seeing the grocery bill when I need more supplies, I am not sure.


But I spent a lot of time and energy coming up with an all natural plan.  But lately I have really been looking at the small areas of my way too small house and seeing some dirt that just shouldn’t be there.  Now I know its Summer time.  And that doesn’t help at all.  Summer makes me and I assume most moms think about clean and fresh smells.  So I have been bothered.  But I wasn’t sure how to proceed.  Do I give up this journey I worked so hard on?  Or should I tough it out and find out what I can do to make it work?

That all changed this morning, I drove my husband to work today and when I got back home I opened the door and a smell greeted me.  Oh no, not my house.  I like a nice, clean and fresh home.  And today fresh is not the word that came to mind.  So to the store I went.  I caved.  I bought all kinds of cleaning supplies and bleach was a main component of those supplies.  And today I shall clean the whole house, top to bottom baby.  My house shall shine and smell so good.  And now the candles scent will be a want and not a need.

But I will say this, if you desire to go all natural, go for it.  Try it for yourself.  Please don’t let my failure stop you.  Just know that whether I succeed or fail, I will try and try and try again.  From the little to the big things!

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