A few weeks ago, I wrote about a school requiring the female students to receive approval on their prom dresses before attending prom.  Well it looks as if another school is taking their "prom rules" a step further.


Several schools across the country are now requiring students to sign a "Statement of Student Responsibilities."    This statement outlaws the following at the Prom - booty poppin'.   It also outlaws grinding, bumping, humping, etc.  In other words it outlaws dirty dancing on the dance floor.

Apparently this is supposed to create a wholesome environment for the students.  It will also help them cut down on their "urges."

I understand that schools want a more wholesome environment for the students but really, a contract?  When did prom become such a instituted thing.   Prom is a right of passage that is supposed to be fun.  Kids are supposed to get all dressed up, go to prom, take the picture, dance the night away, then end up at someone's house or in a hotel room with a group of people all night.  I guess one is to assume there might be some mischief.

I want to know your thoughts this morning on this whole contract/dress approval.  Take our poll or share in the comments below your thoughts.


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