I'm pretty far removed from my high school days, I can admit that.

Because of it, I don't typically know what is when.

Based on my Facebook feed though, it must be prom time? I'm seeing a lot of prom dresses up for sale in the Amarillo Buy, Sell & Trade groups out there.

There's a lot of scintillating choices out there if you look around. You also see some pretty high price tags.

Then again, based on what some of these dresses were purchased for initially, they've got a pretty deep discount. Just now becoming the father of a daughter, I know nothing of the cost of these things so I get a feeling I'll be ok with a few hundred on a dress for prom when she hits that point.

With so many dresses out available on social though, it could be tough to get them sold. How about I present you with a different option?

Donate it to a foster kid here in Amarillo who can't afford one.

Amarillo Angels is currently taking in prom dresses on donation and will be getting them out to some foster kids in need.

I can't speak from experience, but I've had some friends in my lifetime that were living in a foster home. I felt for them. Not knowing if that's where they'll be until they graduate from high school, land with a family that seems like a good fit only to find out it's not and end up back in the system. Of course, there's plenty out there who do find their forever home.

No matter the outcome, the life of a foster kid is tough and they usually live with several other foster kids. The state provides SOME money to these foster families to care for them, but it's not nearly enough to land prom dresses and those sorts of things.

If you find that dress just won't sell on social, or you just want to clear your closet of previous prom style dresses, you can go to one of these three places and drop it off:

CB Boutique located at 2820 Virginia Circle
Amarillo Candle Company at 2300 6th Avenue
Blessed Buffalo Boutique in Canyon at 2306 4th Avenue

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