Mother's Day is this Sunday so if you haven't thought of your mom yet and what to get her then here are my Top 5 ideas to surprise mom with on her Big Day!

  • Book Reader

    If you have a mom that loves to read then a book reader is perfect. You can find several different kinds of book readers on the market. Plus anytime mom wants to start a new book all she has to do is hop online and order a new one and download it instantly. Amazon has their Kindles, and has several to choose from that start from $79 and up. Barnes and Noble offer their Nook which has several types to choose from and they start at $79. Oh and if you do get mom a book reader, make sure you throw in a book with it. What fun is a book reader without her favorite book.

  • Spa Day

  • Maid Services

    Give mom a break and give her maid services for Mother's Day. If you don't want to provide this forever maybe for a year or hire maid services to come and do a deep cleaning.

    Amarillo has several services available.

    Custom Maids

    Merry Maids

    American Maid

    Custom Maids - Facebook
  • Anything Homemade from Your Toddler

    I have a 5-year old who I know doesn't have any money so anything homemade for Mother's Day is perfect for me. He is so funny he'll be watching TV with me and he'll see something and say "Momma, would you like that for Mother's Day", in this instance it was Edible Arrangements, "Buddy, I would love that but a hug from you would be better than fruit." He's a sweet kid!

  • A Day to Relax

    Surprise Mom with a day to relax. Jump in an do all the laundry, dishes and cleaning. Vacuum and mop the floors, clean the bathrooms and make all the beds. Make sure all meals are taken care of for the day. Do all of mom's chores that way she can relax and enjoy her day without worrying about what she should be doing. Great thing is, it is already done. By the way, make sure you make her breakfast in bed as well.