You may not be familiar with his face, but if you were a fan of 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' then you definitely know his voice.

Kevin Murphy is known for being the voice behind that lovable little robot, Tom Survo, on the popular TV show. Murphy holds the title of being the lone man to be with the program the longest, playing Survo for nine years.

I had a chance to catch up with this Illinois native to talk about the upcoming 'RiffTrax' nationwide movie event, 'Sharknado.'

'How did you make the transition from MST3K to 'RiffTrax?'

Why take on 'Sharknado?'

Your first Kickstarter campaign was 'Godzilla?"

So, tell me how this Nationwide event of 'Sharknado' happens?


Check out more details about the Movie Event at


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