Obviously, everybody has an opinion about Texas Tech firing Kliff Kingsbury. I have one, too. So just like everyone else with a keyboard, I think I'll tell you what it is.

We all know that Texas Tech football hasn't been what we hoped for a year or so. It happens. With college programs having a non-stop rotation of players due to graduations, drafts, and all kinds of other reason, the chance to build a truly strong program is harder than many people know. And one of the main foundations of a strong team is a great QB who can be a part of the program for at least a few years, it not all four.

With that said, who is the most talked about QB in the NFL right now? Patrick Mahomes, of course. And where did Mahomes hone his skills? Right here in Lubbock with Kingsbury.

Remember, Kingsbury was also the QB coach for Johnny Manziel, a Heisman winner and first round draft pick. Kingsbury played behind Tom Brady with the Patriots and Drew Brees with the Saints, among others. To say that he knows the QB position is a huge understatement. And why did Texas Tech have its biggest problem this year? Not one, not two, but three rotating QBs due to injuries and other things out of a coach's control.

So what does Texas Tech need to fire up the program? Another great QB like Patrick Mahomes. So when all of the top QB recruits are watching the NFL this year and seeing Mahomes be as great as he is, most of them will be thinking, 'I want to go where he went and learn under the coach that taught him." That coach was Kliff Kingsbury.

In other words, if Texas Tech had just held on until we could start recruiting high school players for the 2019 season, we would have had the pick of the litter. But no, the school ALWAYS has to make a knee-jerk decision about the football team. I know football is huge money to the school, but look before you leap, because ignoring the possibilities of next year just to try to fix the year that's already gone is like breaking a clock to stop time. Stupid.

I've said it on the radio multiple times, and now it's in writing: Texas Tech just lost the greatest recruiting tool we had, and needed. Way to cut off your nose to spite your face.

You may now commence shredding my opinions in the comment sections. And...go!

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