I play a few games here and there.  I always have a constant Word With Friends game going on with several people.  I play Matching with Friends.  I used to play a ton of games on facebook, Gardens of Time, Farmville, etc.  However, this one game has sucked me in.  It's like game crack. One time and you are hooked.  Candy Crush is my nemesis.

I compare this game to Bejeweled.  You travel through different levels breaking down jelly walls and dropping fruit.  Then once you complete a set of levels you collect tickets to move to another Candy Crush town.


The more you move up, the harder it gets.

I kid you not, this game is addicting.  Not only is it available on facebook, you can download the app for your phone.  The great thing about this is your app syncs to your facebook game and you can play on both.

The only thing I see as drawbacks is sometimes you get stuck on a level for days.  It is annoying.  Plus you only get 5 lives at a time, once they are gone, you have to wait 30 minutes for one life to accumulate.  You can always ask your friends for extra lives but if they aren't online or on their phone at the time you have to wait.

I enjoy playing this game, I play it in the mornings while waiting on my crew to finish dressing.  I play it after work, before bed and occasionally if I have any down time at work I will play it at my desk, but shhhh!  don't tell my boss.

Rick just busted me a little bit ago playing the game, but hey I had to get a picture for this blog, so technically I was working.

So now that you know my game addiction, what is yours?

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