Recently, I told you about a guy in Amarillo named Ray. Long story short, Ray is searching online for a paranormal investigator to take care of some ghosts he's having an issue with and somehow it wound up at my desk. After I wrote that article, a Texas panhandle paranormal investigator reached out to me, and he wants to bring his film crew to help Ray out.

My Paranormal Experience; A Texas Panhandle Original

The Texas panhandle never ceases to amaze me. Just when you think you know what's going on out here, something like this will come along and remind you of just how little you know. For example, look at My Paranormal Experience.

My Paranormal Experience is a paranormal investigation series with ties to Pampa, Texas. Even though the show has been to locations all over the map to conduct investigations, the host calls Pampa home. Nathan Withers is a Texas panhandle filmmaker, TV host, and paranormal investigator.

Care of Nathan Withers
Care of Nathan Withers

Recently, Nathan decided to do something special. It's a mini-series named My Paranormal Experience: Residential Invasions, and it's a way for people to get in touch with Nathan and his crew so they can come do an investigation. Nathan told me that not only is the focus giving the fans something special, but it's a way to help families.

They're covering the Texas panhandle. If you want the crew to come do an investigation, you can submit a request by simply reaching out to them via their Facebook page. Send them a message.

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You can stream My Paranormal Experience on Tubi, Sling TV, and you can watch it on the Beyond Paranormal channel on TLC, Localnow, and Plex TV.

This Story Needs A Happy Ending. Someone Tell Ray That We've Found Help For Him.

If you know a guy named Ray who seems to be dealing with a nuisance from the beyond, please have him reach out to me or to the crew of My Paranormal Experience. He can email me or reach out via Facebook and I'll put him in contact with Nathan. They want to help.

The problem is that the information I was given didn't include anything in regard to contact information. There is absolutely no way for me to tell him the good news. So, I'm begging for your help. Help me find Ray so we can get this story the happy ending it needs.

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