Did you wear your pink today? Because you know on Wednesday’s we wear pink! Oh and it’s even more important today!

It is National Mean Girls Day...ooh and it falls on a Wednesday! Double Score!

I mean if you watch the movie Aaron asked Cady what day it was and she said October 3rd...hence a National Holiday!

I remember the movie came out in 2004. It shouldn’t have really meant much to me. I mean my daughter was 8 and in the 2nd grade. I really didn’t watch it or felt the need until my daughter was at Austin Middle School.

We had a girl who made up something about my daughter and she was crushed. She didn’t understand how a “friend” could do that.

Ooh....that lead me to say....you know what Faith we need to watch this movie together! Oh and we did!

It showed much about the plastics and how they loved to break people down.

Especially with that Burn Book. Oh and it was relevant to my child! So yeah!

She learned a lesson and I learned to wear pink on Wednesday’s.

More importantly I learned that October 3rd was National Mean Girl Day and I would not have known if it wasn’t for my work husband! Lol

Stop trying to make fetch happen!

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