If you are immune-compromised or feel you need a mask, we have worked to put together a collective of mask makers around the Amarillo and Panhandle area.

While masks cannot prevent COVID-19 according to the CDC it can stop the spread of viral and bacterial infections. Sometimes our immune system doesn't tell us right away when we are sick, it may take a couple of days. If you are infected and not showing signs you might still be spreading your "germs". You can spread infections when you're not symptomatic which makes it difficult to know when others are sick.

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It's best to wear masks in areas where social distancing is hard to maintain such as grocery stores, pharmacies, doctor offices, etc. Your car is not a place to wear a mask, but public transportation, yes.

Properly washing your hands and wearing a mask in areas where social distancing is not ideal is the best way to protect yourself, staying at home is the most effective way. BUT some people are not able to stay home the entire time. Which is why we are giving you a resource to obtain a mask.

Most of these cloth masks are machine washable and according to the CDC, machine washing is sufficient. When you're placing an order make sure to ask if the mask is machine washable.

Credit: World Health Organization

If you are selling masks and would like to be apart of this list, fill out the form HERE

  • Credit: Brandy Detweiler

    Brandy Detweiler

    How To Contact: Facebook Messenger or Text: (503)928-0029
    Price: $10
    Payments Accepted: Cash

    Earloop design, machine washable, 3 layer construction with 1/4" cotton batting filter sewn inside, adult, children, and custom sizes available. New prints are available regularly!

  • Credit: Kerri Graves

    Kerri Graves

    How To Contact: Text - 806-881-2450
    Price: $5
    Payments Accepted: Cash, Venmo

    She is also selling ear savers at an additional $2.00

  • Credit: Haley Stewart

    Haley Stewart

    How To Contact: Facebook Messenger
    Price: $10
    Payments Accepted: Cash, Cash App, Venmo, and Paypal

    Masks are 4 layers, with a nose piece and a pocket for extra filters. We offer adjustable elastic or strap ties.

  • Credit: Nita Pearce

    Nita Pearce

    How To Contact: Text - 806-676-4884
    Price: $5 Each or 5 for $20
    Payments Accepted: Cash

    I have kids and adults, if you are short on the money we can work out a way to make sure you get a mask.

  • Credit: Dee Tenorio

    Dee Tenorio

    How To Contact: Facebook Messenger
    Price: $5 - $7
    Payments Accepted: Cash, Facebook Payments, Cash App, Venmo, and Zelle

    Adding new styles often. Adult and kid sizes. Includes a 3M 1500 microbes filter. Each mask has a filter pocket. 100% washable cotton, reusable and reversible.

  • Credit: Kelsey Bryan

    Kelsey Forsberg

    How To Contact: Facebook Messenger
    Price: $10
    Payments Accepted: Cash, Facebook Payments, Cash App, and Venmo

    My masks are 4 layers (including 2 layers of filter material), moldable nose piece, ties around the head, or elastic around the ears. Adult and kid sizes available. You can choose from my available fabric options

  • Credit: Hayden Alec

    Hayden Alec

    How To Contact: Facebook Messenger
    Price: $10 or $15 with Hand Sanitizer
    Payments Accepted: Cash, Cash App, and Venmo

    These have filters sewn in, a bendable nose piece and many colors and patterns to choose from

  • Kaycee Humphrey

    How To Contact: Etsy and Instagram: KCreations1200 Facebook: Kaycee Humphrey
    Price: $5
    Payments Accepted: Cash, Paypal, and Venmo

  • Edith DiTommaso

    How To Contact: Facebook: sisterediesweetemptations
    Price: free or small donation to cover material cost.

    Payments Accepted: Cash, Square

  • Jake Mitchell

    How To Contact: via our website at 806masks.com
    Price: $15 - $15
    Payments Accepted: all transactions are processed via Square's secure system on our website

  • Michelle Lancaster

    How To Contact: Facebook messenger or text 806-640-4776 https://www.facebook.com/michelle.murphy.lancaster
    Price: $10
    Payments Accepted: Cash, Paypal

    These have filters sewn in, a bendable nose piece and many colors and patterns to choose from

  • Connie Beck

    How To Contact: Facebook Messenger Connie Beck
    Price: $5
    Payments Accepted: Cash, Cash App, and Venmo

  • Heather Walton

    How To Contact: 806-677-8254
    Price: $5
    Payments Accepted: Cash, Venmo, Paypal

    The Harley Davidson Masks are $15
    ALL masks are 3 ply

  • Shannon

    Shelly Allen

    How To Contact: sdallen28@hotmail.com
    Price: $8
    Payments Accepted: Cash, Venmo, Square

    Other options available.

  • Michelle Weddington

    How To Contact: Itssogirly3@gmail.com
    Price: $6
    Payments Accepted: Cash, Venmo

    These are adult size masks in popular prints. They are two-ply with elastic around the ears. Perfect for running errands.

  • Christy Rodriguez

    How To Contact: How To Contact: Facebook Messenger
    Price: $5
    Payments Accepted: Cash, Venmo, and Facebook

    Tons of fabric to choose from. I am located in Borger. These masks have a built-in filet but also have a pocket to add a filter. They tie at the neck so they don’t mess with your ears.

  • Thy Tran

    How To Contact: Facebook Messenger Thy Tran
    Price: 3 for $10
    Payments Accepted: Cash, Venmo

    Washable and reusable mask!