There was a time in this area when the term "Funfest" was synonymous with rain. The annual non-profit event in Thompson Park, almost guaranteed torrential rainfall every Memorial Day weekend.

Thousands of people would crowd the park to eat, drink, and be merry, usually with a great artist or band playing. came the rain. Lots of it. Those thousands of people would hit the exits, to catch the shuttle to Hamlet Shopping Center. I went to the very Funfest in 1978 rained, so I hung out at the zoo until it stopped.

Is it a coincidence that the drought started, about the time Funfest stopped? I think not. Here's the plan: Everyone in the panhandle will SAY, they are looking forward to Funfest. Out loud. Over and over. Surely, just saying the word "Funfest" will bring on the rain.

Do you want more rain? I'll "meet you" in Thompson Park, Memorial Day weekend for FUNFEST!!!

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