Taz is a full blood Gator Mouth Bully. He doesn't have papers, and he is looking for his forever home.

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There are several challenges when finding a forever home for a rescued dog in Amarillo. It's no secret that in Yellow City, there is a real need for people to take in these animals.

There are several groups and rescues in the area that will take in these animals and try to find the best home for them. Enter, Taz.

As is the case with most "rescues," Taz has a very sad story. Taz came from an abusive home.

Despite his early years, he still loves people. He loves it even more when people give his belly a good rub.

He's also pretty smart. Taz knows his basic commands, and is pretty good on a leash when going for walks. He's even fully house broken/potty trained.

The previous owners had him chipped. Unfortunately they decided they didn't want him. Now the hope is to find Taz a loving long term home to call his own.

The main issue with Taz is that he likes to keep things pretty chill. He doesn't do well around rambunctious or hyper active dogs. That's probably why he does so well with cats. He's a sweet heart and gets along well with older kids.

To get info about Taz you can email mwarren26@yahoo.com.

I also recommend checking out our local shelter, and the many rescues we have in the area. With summer officially here, having a four-legged friend to spend Saturdays might be just what you're looking for.

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