Hereford Spots and Wellness has broken ground on the newest sports complex in the Texas panhandle. The ceremony to start construction was held on Tuesday, and the new facility will have some of the most state-of-the-art that are on the market right now. The new complex will be located just south of the Caviness Sportsplex, on South Kingwood in Hereford.

The new sports facility will feature the same synthetic turf that was installed when WT opened their new Buffalo Football Stadium. The 2.79 acre playing field will be made up of Fusion H XP2 product. The total cost for the project is estimated at $1.17 million. The complex is being designed with low maintenance in mind and allowing for year round play. The fields will be laid out to allow soccer, youth t-ball, as well as youth and adult flag football. The field will consist of a regulation soccer field capable of hosting high school soccer games as well. Hereford Sports & Wellness plans to organize a youth club soccer program, which will also include high school teams for boys and girls. The organization also hopes to begin an outdoor soccer league for adults. The turf layout will also contain two fields for flag football for youth and adults. In addition, the complex can play host to four t-ball games at one time as well.

“We see so many opportunities for the use of this new space,” states Jimmy Lackey, President & CEO for Hereford Sports & Wellness. “This new venue, packaged with the adjacent Caviness Sportsplex, gives our Director of Programs, Joe Cabezuela, a much better opportunity to plan for and organize numerous sports opportunities for both our youth and adult constituencies. With the Weldon Knabe Activities Center, the Caviness Sportsplex, and now this new outdoor complex, Hereford will have the very best when it comes to comprehensive sports and wellness facilities.”

The contractors building the complex have a December 31 deadline this year. Along with youth leagues, they hope to see the local schools take advantage of the complex in the spring.

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