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Kids Inc Donor Days
The Coffee Memorial Blood Center is kicking off Kids Inc. Donor Days and this year is bigger and better than even. Not only are you helping to win a cash prize for your favorite school. High School Seniors now have the opportunity to win a scholarship to Amarillo College or WTAMU.
Spring Sports
Spring is here and the weather for the most part is warm, which means it is time to get outside and get active.  A great way to get the kids outside and active is through sports.  Right now Kids Inc is signing up for their Spring sports season.
$1,000 For your School!
Kids Inc donor days ended on February 28th, but they have a, let's call it a bonus round, during Spring Break.  Blood donation drops during the week of Spring Break because of the vacation.  Don't let the vacation affect blood donations, you can help increase blood donation that …
Kids Inc Donor Days
Just by giving one pint of blood you are saving the life of another person.  That person could be someone who was in a car wreck.  That could be a 2-year old going through chemo.  It could be someone who needs a blood transfusion to live.   Each time you give the gift of life you change a complete s…