Had I known we were going to have an earthquake Saturday morning, I might have stayed up all night or woken up early. As it was, I was sound asleep when the earth moved underneath the panhandle.

I truly didn't know a thing about it, until I looked at my Facebook page around noon on Saturday.There were hundreds of posts, asking "Did you feel it?" Later than day, I learned about people's dishes rattling, lawn furniture falling over, maybe a picture or two shifted. To be honest, more items in my house moved around during the Cowboys game.

At my house, nothing was out of order. Pictures were fine; the cat didn't move much. Nada. But when I got to my office, the evidence was clear! A pack of spicy ketchup turned on it's side. A water bottle was overturned. That's it.

Hopefully this earthquake passed without any serious damage for you. Hopefully, this is the last earthquake for a while. Hopefully, if we have another one, and we will, it will come and go, without damage.

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