It truly is never ending isn't it? One project down, two more begin. Our latest trip around the traffic wheel lands us on Coulter know, just one of the main roads in the city. Here's what's happening and how long we can expect issues.

Starting today, May 5, a water main extension project will begin that will close portions of Coulter Street. According to the city, there will be only one lane opening for people travelling northbound on Coulter Street, north of West Parkway. The project is projected to last approximately one month, weather permitting of course. The city is also advising us that this will undoubtedly create some traffic jams and delays, so if you can manage to avoid this area for a month or so, you're probably better off.

Look, I get that roadwork and other things need to be done, but when exactly does it end? Even by taking alternate routes, we're going to run into traffic. We are not a huge city, and there's not a whole ton of alternate routes to take. Creating traffic issues only heightens peoples frustrations, thus opening the door for more road rage and violence...and of course, car accidents.

While I'm the first one to say hey, let's be patient and understanding, this is starting to get a bit ridiculous. We've got closures on main streets, side streets and on-ramps to the interstates. So are they telling us that once these projects are done and completed, we'll have our city back intact? Yeah, probably not, so let's all try and work together and get through this. I hate traffic, so do you, but I promise you Bomb City, we'll get through it...eventually.

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