I know as the world moves on people evolve, however, should good manners go out the window?  I had two instances this weekend where I am convinced that good customer service doesn't exist anymore.  Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to go off on a rant, however, I'm just curious if this is just something that happens on a regular basis.

steve everts

On Saturday, after a fun morning of watching chihuahuas race, my son and I decided to go grab lunch at a pretty popular fast food establishment.  I decided to go through the drive thru.  I knew it would be somewhat of a wait because the drive thru was about 5 cars deep.   So we waited patiently, sang songs off the radio, and after 10 minutes of not moving I realized that this wasn't going to be a good experience.  When I finally got to the menu and began to order, I had to repeat my order three times.  Every time she repeated it back, I had to correct one thing, it is unsweet tea.   So we waited another seven minutes to almost get to the window.  We were finally there one more car in front of us, and the guy working the drive through sticks his head out the window and screams, "I'm sorry guys."  They knew they were having a bad day.  So finally I pull up to the window and pay one guy, another guy hands me my drinks, and guess what I got sweet tea, not unsweet and the ice was all melted.  Then after waiting another 10 minutes, another person handed me the food.  At one point and time while I was sitting at the window, 5 people were crammed into the drive thru area trying to figure out one order.  Then I get my food home and the hamburger that wasn't supposed to have onions (after repeating it three times) was indeed covered with onions.

I would like to chalk it up as this particular restaurant was just having a very bad day.

Now fast forward to Sunday afternoon.  It was hot outside so I decided to treat my son and myself to a slush.  We had to get out to get cat food so on the way home we pulled up to a popular treat destination.  I pushed the button and waited (mind you it wasn't busy).  So I waited about 3 minutes and pressed the button again and finally get an answer, I preceded to tell the lady we would like two medium slushes one cherry and one watermelon, and I have a coupon for a free one.  So she proceeded to repeat my order and that was it.  Then it showed on the screen that she didn't take into account that I had the coupon. So when they brought me my order it was wrong, and she proceeded to tell me it was wrong and handed it to me anyway.  I said "am I supposed to just take a messed up order?"  "Well we didn't know if the right one was cherry or watermelon, so if you taste it I'll go make the right one." "Uh, ok, I tasted the red one, because I already knew the blue one was neither cherry or watermelon.  "That's cherry", I said.  So she took the wrong slush (after the sigh and eye roll) and went back and made the watermelon.  I was kinda leery of drinking it because, I did request the right flavor and asked for it to be fixed.  I mean how dare I not take something I did not order and expect something I did order.

When and where did it all go wrong.  I'll admit I have my bad days at work, and I try my best to be polite, and when I do mess up I try to correct my errors and be as polite as I can when I am dealing with and upset person.

The customer is always right, right?

Sigh, I think I'll take a break from fast food establishments.   We don't frequent fast food restaurants, and it just stinks that when I do the customer service is horrible.

So what experiences have you had with customer service in Amarillo. I know the Amarillo Convention Center and Visitor Council has created something called Prime Service where you can nominate someone in Amarillo that has shown exemplary customer service.

Take our survey, don't worry, you can be honest, it's anonymous.