I have spent a lot of time driving through places, ordering from apps, picking up curbside and everything in between during the spring of 2020. For the most part I have had some great experiences.

I had one last week that almost made me flip my lid. I will not reveal the name of the place. I just want to talk about the experience. I ordered breakfast for me and my daughter pretty early in the morning. I know it was the weekend but it was still before 7 am so I didn't think there would be a problem.

I ordered many sandwiches and other breakfast sides. I wanted my daughter to try different options to see what she would like. So when I got to the drive thru I had so many hopes for the rest of the day. When I got to the speaker I told the employee that I ordered through the app and gave them my name.

I was then told pretty rudely that they didn't have my stuff. By that I thought she meant she didn't get my order. I told her I had the receipt on my phone and I was charged. She snapped back at me that she didn't have the bacon or sausage to make my sandwiches. This was still early in the breakfast time frame. She didn't really offer to help me in any other way.

I was told I could go to their location on the other side of town. I asked if they could call and give them my order and make sure they would be able to fulfill my request. She again rudely said she didn't have their number. Wait? What? You don't have the number for your other store. I know that wasn't true. She told me that I could call them if I wanted. Wow! What great customer service. Right? You can't give me what I ordered so instead of apologizing and helping me....you are now sending me on a wild goose chase.

I went ahead and against my better judgement went to the other location. I got to the speaker of the drive thru and tried to explain the situation. I apologized for being a pain. I shouldn't have been in that situation. They did everything they could to help. They were out of a lot of the stuff I needed too. Oh, but they were nice about it.

I told them how the other location was and they said they get nothing but complaints about the people there. So yeah, not a good sign. So when I left there....I only had 2 breakfast sandwiches and some hash browns. A far cry from the 4 sandwiches, 4 sides and two drinks I had ordered. I felt better though because this location was nicer. They gave me back my money even though I used a gift card. They went above and beyond.

I decided to go to the website and tell them about my experience. I don't want anything free I just want them to use this as a training experience and teach this location about being nicer. This was the 2nd time I had issues with rudeness there. I also want them to know that at breakfast time they shouldn't be running out of bacon and sausage before 7 am. That should be an easy enough fix.

Have you ever had an equally horrible experience? Comment below.


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