Stories of outlaws and buried treasure aren't new to the Texas panhandle. There are stories all over of bandits who robbed and pillaged their way across the frontier, and hid the loot somewhere in our area.

However, there are times when you hear a new story. For instance, have you heard about the treasure buried in Childress County?

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The Dreaded Outlaw, Red Buck

Red Buck was a fearsome outlaw in Texas and Oklahoma. He ran with the Wild Bunch, and  Buck was also supposedly a pretty scary gun-for-hire. Buck also supposedly robbed stagecoaches.

At one point, Red was being shipped via train to prison. He never made it. Red Buck escaped.

Red Buck wasn't someone you'd want to cross paths with.

A Stage Coach Robbery, And How A Legend Gets Born

The fun thing with stories of lost treasure, is trying to figure out where the story starts. One of the biggest mysteries with this lost treasure, is where the information comes from.

Photo by Ruth Paradis on Unsplash
Photo by Ruth Paradis on Unsplash

Supposedly, Red Buck robbed a stagecoach in Greer County, Texas. Buck's mother lived in Childress County, and it's known that Red had a habit of going back to hide out at his mother's.

Records show that there was a stagecoach that would have ran in the area.

Where Did Red Hide His Treasure?

Supposedly, Red Buck hid his treasure along a road that goes from Arlie, Texas to Childress. Supposedly, the treasure was buried along that road just after crossing Buck Creek. According to legend, the spot was about halfway between two trees.

All of this is just north of the Prarie Dog Town Fork Red River.

Photo by Bjorn Pierre on Unsplash
Photo by Bjorn Pierre on Unsplash

As far as I've been able to dig up, no one has ever found the treasure. It's actually pretty hard coming finding any info at all beyond the few myths and legends that are out there.

As for Red Buck, he met his demise at the hands of U.S. Deputy Marshals north of Canute, Oklahoma.

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