A warning to each of James Corden's future guests: Don't accept an invitation to the Late Late Show unless you're prepared to disappoint your parents.

On last night's (December 3) episode, Corden invited the guys of One Direction to play a little game called "Tattoo Roulette." It was pretty simple: They'd each pick a box (Corden participated, too), and if a 1D guy opened the lone selection that read "tattoo" inside, he'd have get "Late Late" etched into hi6s skin; Corden would have to get "1D."

In the clip above, Niall Horan, the only 1D member whose skin is still un-inked, has a much more difficult time handling the stress of the game than his more needle-friendly peers.

"Look at your hands! Oh, my goodness!" Corden says as Niall prepares to draw first. "Your hands are actually shaking!"

Then, one by one, the boxes are all drawn, and the reveals begin. Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Corden all reveal they're safe, which leaves only Harry Styles and Niall in harms way. And in stunningly dramatic fashion (the lights!), Harry draws the short straw, and decides to take it on the chin—or, more accurately the left forearm.

"I feel good," he says as the art's finished up. "I'm a little woozy."

Surprised that Harry actually went through with it? Watch the clip above, and tell us what you think of his new design!

Photos: One Direction at the 2015 American Music Awards

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