One of my favorite facts about Amarillo, Texas is something I learned in high school while living in Oklahoma. Who would have guessed that Amarillo, Texas of all places would be the helium capital of the world?

Now, it looks like one of Amarillo's biggest claims to fame is going up for sale.

The Helium Plant Is An Iconic Piece Of Amarillo History

It's one of our more iconic "abandoned" spots in town. Amarillo is considered the helium capital of the world. Helium is entrenched in our history. So much so that there's even a monument to it across from the robotic dinosaur at the Don Harrington Discovery Center.

DanFletcherPhotography via YouTube
DanFletcherPhotography via YouTube

Helium is important to our history. It ties us to airships, and makes us a big part of wars and the space race.

That's part of what makes the helium plant so iconic. It's an important enough site to have its own historical marker out front.

Your Chance To Own A Piece Of Amarillo History?

According to reports, it looks like the sale will begin next month. Then, this iconic piece of Amarillo history is going to be going to...whoever ponies up the dough, so to speak.

It's interesting to think of the helium plant as being up for sale. It's almost comical when you say it out loud. It's been a long time since the general public thought helium was anything more than that stuff you suck out of a balloon that makes you sound funny.

Not So Fast...[Update]

The funny things is that isn't the one that's up for sale. There's another one, and that's the one that you'll be able to get your hands on. It's actually still producing helium.

That's right. We're still in the helium game. If you didn't know, don't worry, you're not alone. A lot of people, myself included, just think of the "historic" helium plant anytime it gets brought up.

Thanks to the individual who brought it to my attention and eased some of my confusion.

I'm anxiously waiting to see what happens, and I'm going to wager it'll take a while for us to find out exactly what that is.

You can see the details on what exactly is for sale, and how the sale is going to go, by following this link.

Amarillo Landmarks: Negative Yelp Reviews

Yelp can be a strange and angry place. That's what I found out recently when I decided to sort the reviews by "lowest rating" first.

I was okay with the people upset over bad service and what not. But I came across a few reviews that, for lack of a better word, left me speechless in their scathing negative reviews on some of Amarillo's most iconic places. Prepare your self for plenty of head shaking and "I dunno" shrugs.

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Google Answers the Top 10 Questions About Amarillo

I love Google. It can literally answer ANYTHING you need it to answer. Whether it's right or wrong is a totally different question.

Recently, I found myself wondering about something and went to Google. And that's when I started noticing the "people also asked..." section and BOY...Some of them made perfect sense, some of them were interesting, and one of them was downright baffling...and it was a top 10 question which is even more absurd.

So let's see what we've got. Here's the top 10 questions as asked to Google about Amarillo.

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