The Texas Panhandle is full of great towns and wonderful people.  Plus, so much history and a lot of history has happened on the main streets of our towns.

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Our mainstreets hold the secret of our towns from the beginning.  Many deals were made on these streets, heck maybe even a shoot-out or two.  Horses were tied to posts as people made their way into the general store, bank, or saloon.  As time went by the dirt was replaced by bricks or pavement, and the buildings transformed into shops, restaurants, boutiques, banks, and more.

During the holidays of the past, our main streets were lit up with lights and decorations, and shoppers shuffled to finish up their Christmas Shopping.

Even though a lot of our small towns still have their main streets, a lot of the buildings are empty and even deteriorating.  Shopping malls and big box stores moved into our towns, drawing businesses away from our main streets and causing our local shops to close, and of course, the internet made it easy to shop online.  People wanted newer and better buildings and moved from our main streets.  Slowly they just became skeletons of what once was.

However, a huge revitalization has emerged to save our local mainstreets and make them new again.  People are starting to long for the good 'ol days and our mainstreets are a big part of that yearning.  They are a cool, fun, nostalgic place to hang out.

I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Main Streets of the Texas Panhandle

Main Streets are the heart of our towns. They were the place to be, the place to shop, the place to bank, the place to eat.

Over the years, Main Streets have gone by the wayside, but some of our towns have had huge revitalization of their main streets.

Enjoy some of the Main Streets located in the heart of the Texas Panhandle

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