I am a BIG weenie when it comes to needles.  I am an adult and am supposed to be able to handle a needle stick.  Thousands of children come into BSA on a yearly basis and they all get stuck at least once and sometimes when the nurse cannot find a vein they get stuck multiple times.  Well we have the opportunity to provide a machine that can make it easy to hit a vein in one stick.


The piece of equipment that we are trying to purchase this year is called an AccuVein Vein Finder.  This tiny piece of equipment costs $20,000 but can make a world of difference.

It will be used on the kids that come into the pediatric unit, they swipe it over the skin and allows the nurses to see the vein rather than feel around for it and hope they hit it.

They can use it to find veins in those teeny tiny NICU babies that are born so early.

It may seem like a lot for such a small piece of equipment but when you put it intoperspective that sometimes they have to stick these small children at least 10 times to start an IV.

It's important.  Check out how this thing works, it is AWESOME!

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