I guess I have been living under a rock and have missed the reality show, 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.' I remember, as a kid, watching Walt Disney's 'Escape To Witch Mountain' and 'Return To Witch Mountain' and seeing Kim Richards and Ike Eisenmann as Tia and Tony Malone search for their home, with the help of Eddie Albert's Jason O'Day.

Flash forward 36 years and child actress Kim Richards is now on a reality show. The word, according to Entertainment Tonight, is the Richards has now entered into an 'undisclosed' rehab facility.

If you saw the 2009  remake, 'Race To Witch Mountain,' you may remember that Richards made a cameo as Tina, along with Eisenmann who played Sheriff Antony.


In case you missed the original "Witch Mountain" movies, check out the commercial for the Disney Double Feature.

Here's wishing Richards a speedy recovery and hope that she continues to get the help she needs.

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