Today is the last day of the Children's Miracle Network Celebration. We do this once a year and the funds we raise in these 2-days help make miracles happen all year round. Your donations help save the lives of children. That is the one thing I would like to emphasize is that your donation SAVES kids! So why should you give to the Children's Miracle Network?

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    No Child is Turned Away

    If you have a sick child and you don't have the money to pay. Your child will not be turned away from BSA because it is a Children's Miracle Network Hospital.

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    All Money Raised Stays Local

    Your donation will not go to Timbucktu. It stays right here in Amarillo to help local kids. It doesn't go to pay some CEO's salary or buy office supplies. The money is used to help save the life of kids.

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    Your Children

    If the one thing we hear from parents when they share the story of their children is we "we never thought this would ever happen to us." It is true, you never know when something could happen to you child. So it is wonderful to know that there is an organization who will be there for you if something should ever happen to your child.

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