I've said " I remember my first beer" every time I've seen a 16 yr old, trying to lay a scratch, in Daddy's new Camero. But, do we really remember our first beer? Since our Craft BeerFest is coming this weekend, I thought long and hard about it.. I actually do remember my first beer.

My dad and a couple of his buddies, were sitting in the backyard, tossing back "Carta Blancas." If you are searching for cheap beer, "Carta Blanca" is perfect. I grew up near the border, and you see "Cartas" almost everywhere. I was about ten, when I wandered out to see what my Dad was doing. I asked him, if I could have a beer. I expected the usual response, "You too young". but he grabbed a paper cup, and poured me a very small sample.

It was a hot afternoon, and I threw back that beer like a pro. I tasted hops, barley, and adulthood. Was I a man now? The drinking age was `18 when I started college, so I went about the panhandle, tasting many beers. I discovered craft beers, a while back, and I just loved them.

My preference is for the light ales. Dark beers fill me up quickly, so I've avoided them, but I am willing to give them another shot. Or two.

We have some 120 craft beers coming to BeerFest Saturday and I expect to taste one or two of them. If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, please check our website out for information. We expect it to sell out and we don't want any of the craft beers to get lonely.


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