Junior Achievement Of The High Plains, work with local schools, in the classrooms, to teach at risk students, the business of business. When I was 16, my last thought was about my credit rating, "J.A." volunteers come to schools and teach important lessons about money.

JA mentors, teach things a lot of us take for granted. How to keep a checkbook? How to buy a house? What's your credit rating, and why it's important to know. There are many high school age people making  their way into our workforce everyday. JA volunteers walk first time workers, through the tax forms, and how to set up a bank account.

The big fundraiser for Junior Achievement is the annual "Monster Bow."  set for Saturday, October 25, at Western Bowl. Companies from across the panhandle can sponsor a team who gets to bowl free for 2 frames, and that includes shoes, and pizza with a beverage from the snack bar.

There are door prizes given away every 10 minutes and awards for "Best Costume" or "Best Lane" decoration. There is still time to enter your team, if you will call Teresa Hillman at 806-355-0045.  But hurry! The afternoon session is nearly full, and the evening is going fast.

Why not treat your employees to some fun while helping to educate panhandle youth. Call JA..today!

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