My relationship with Santa Claus was great from the beginning. Around October, I'd try to be nice and never naughty. I had a list and I wanted to be on Santa's good side. But I had a lot of questions, about how it all worked.

I'm about 4 in that picture with Santa. My parents tell me, my questions about Santa began, the day that picture was taken. I actually remember a little bit about that day. It's the sucker, I've always remembered getting the sucker.

My first question that day had to do with why I just saw Santa outside and now he's here. How does he get to the mall? How can he be in center court and Sears? I was told Santa has helpers so he can get to all the girls and boys. Easy enough and I bought into the right away.

As I got older, I'd make Santa a list of things I wanted. My list was long with probably 20-30 items on it. Of course, I never got all of that as I knew Santa was busy with other kids. Around age 6 or 7, I started wanting records, Specifically Beatles records on those wonderful 45s. I caught on early, that I had a better chance of getting several 45s than I did, 4 G.I. Joes.

Did Santa like The Beatles? He did! Santa also liked Superman and one year, he brought me a Superman suit. I put it on right away and was out of the house before my parents knew it. I got the ladder out of the garage and climbed up on the roof. Well, I didn't fly. I broke my arm, and had to see the doctor on Christmas morning. He didn't seem to like Santa much.

My parents have told me, I never cried when I went to see Santa. I had business to conduct. I wanted a bike, or Hot Wheels cars, or more Beatles records. Santa became really cool after we had our kids. Being woken from deep sleep, and padding to the Christmas tree, to see the evidence of Santa being there. He had eaten the cookie and drank the milk our boys left him. He had even left boot-prints from the chimney to the tree.

These days, I always say hi to Santa, whenever I see him, just to make sure he remembers me. He seems too and sometimes he still calls me by name. Santa is very cool like that.

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