Jimmy Kimmel and Matthew McConaughey's commercial for independent Austin, TX video-rental store Vulcan Video is way more than alright, alright, (alright).

Kimmel, who is in Austin taping his late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! at SXSW, picked Vulcan Video out of thousands of local businesses who responded to the host's January tweet looking for a participant.

"I think we have to show people what’s special about this video store other than the fact that it still exists," Kimmel says in the segment that aired on Monday night's broadcast (March 16). The video rental business can be described as "retro" at best — and "hopelessly out of touch" at worst — but according to the owner, Vulcan Video still rents two or three VHS tapes a day.

Recruiting "local actor" and Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey to star alongside him, Kimmel created three hilarious lo-fi commercial spots for the store that perfectly mimic its '80s vibe. You can watch them all in the video above.

The best parts? McConaughey's "alright" baseball cap — a nod to his beloved Dazed and Confused catchphrase — and his winking reference to those bizarre Lincoln ads around the 6:45 mark. "I like to drive. I like to talk to myself when I drive," he whispers.

Do you think Jimmy Kimmel and Matthew McConaughey can single-handedly revive the dying art of the video rental business? Because that VHS of Empire Records in our parent's basement is starting to look pretty tempting.

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