One of my favorite things to do for Fourth of July is grill up a nice set of fajitas every year. There's no shortage of both the beef and chicken variety and all the fixin's to go with it. Don't get me wrong I do love burgers, steaks and dogs too and there are plenty of those throughout the weekend but I like to do something different and shake it up.

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I know, I know, there's not really anything American about fajitas, you say? Believe it or not they are just as American as Apple Pie, Hamburgers and Chevrolet as they were first served up in Far West Texas. That in my book not only makes em American but Texan and that's good enough for me. However you serve them you're gonna need something to wash it down and for that, we might just dip south of the border for a nice cold frosty brew to finish the job.

Pairing Up

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First things first, I'm not talking about the lime-a-rita, chelada premade stuff that gets passed off as beer, but rather the real deal, each with their own unique character and flavor. German influence in Mexican Beer is pretty prevalent with many of them taking on lager form or Vienna type light and dark beers. Now we all know Tecate, Corona, and Dos XX but here's a few that you might not know about.

Negra Modelo

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Let's just hit it hard here right off the bat, Negra Modelo works well with fajitas because despite it's dark tint it actually drinks very easy and has a bit of a caramel taste to it and some bitterness but doesn't mask over the seasoning of your fajitas, get in the way of the guac sides or even mask the Jalapeño. Plus with it's 5.4 % alcohol content it will get you feeling patriotic pretty quick.


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Victoria is more of a Pilsner Style beer (think Coors, Bud Light) and what makes it interesting is along with hops and black malt, corn is also used, which if you happen to be using the corn tortilla for your fajitas might really bring out more of the flavor. watch out there's a little bit of bitterness here but nothing too wild for this medium beer.


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Pacifico Checks in here, The west coast beer with German origins is a pretty light beer overall. It's mild and pale which works well with shrimp fajitas or even grilled fish. It's 4.5 percent alcohol content will also have you feeling pretty good in no time.

Bohemia Obscura

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This one is a little harder to find living up to it's "Obscura" name. But for you Bock type fans, this guy hits the spot the Caramel and Black Malt blend is lightly carbonated and like Negra Model goes down fairly well.

You can't go wrong anyways because it's Fajitas and the Fourth, Paired with Beer and Fireworks you got yourself one great little party. Just drink responsibly and keep that water bucket handy for the fireworks.

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