There were a lot of emotions displayed when news of the fireworks ban in Randall County hit. None of them were good. However, there is some good news for those hoping for some kind of display.

Tangled Lights Productions have an idea on how to still celebrate the 4th of July in Randall County.

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Tangled Lights Productions Turns The Lights On For July 4th

You have to love it. The disappointing news hits that a fireworks ban is in place for Randall County through July 4, and somebody steps up to give us something to look forward to.

Tangled Lights Productions announced recently on social media that they will be providing a July 4th show starting on June 27th.

The Show Must, And Will, Go On

Tangled Lights Productions have set up a drive thru show to celebrate the 4th of July. It runs every 20 minutes.

They do ask that you keep an eye on traffic signs and speed limits as you make your way to the show. The entrance is on the north and run south.

You can see the map here.

It should go without saying, but they do remind everyone no fireworks and they they're also not allowing smoking inside or outside of vehicles.

They do accept donations to help offset the cost of running the show.

Hopefully We Get Some Much Needed Rain

The reason for the ban on fireworks is the drought conditions we've experienced in the area. If we receive enough rain, the ban may be lifted.

Fingers crossed.

I noticed a few new fireworks stands going up near my house. My heart goes out to anyone who runs a stand. It's not a cheap endeavor, and I personally know some families who rely on those sales.

Hopefully we get to experience the lights and fireworks this year.


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