Ok, riddle me this.

I read a reminder from the Amarillo Police Department that shooting off fireworks within city limits is illegal.

People that got caught doing so faced up to a $2000 fine.

So if shooting them off is illegal, explain to me how it's allowable to have fireworks stands or shops on basically every corner in the city?

Back when I lived in Colorado many moons ago, certain fireworks were allowed. You could do things like fountains, those smoke bombs, or basically anything that stayed on the ground.

Anything outside of that was illegal. If it went up in the air, you couldn't have it. Therefore, the stands there didn't sell those types of fireworks. Makes sense right?

If you wanted to be a rebel, you had to drive just over the border of Colorado into Cheyenne, Wyoming where they had HUGE warehouses of fireworks just off the highway as you entered.

Now, the lead-up to the 4th of July saw increased police force there and you ran the risk of getting nailed as you crossed back over into the state. However, that was your choice to cross over to buy them.

However, here you can buy literally anything you want. I went to a party on Saturday night where the hosts had bought this HUGE package, and it was loaded with shells and things that went boom in the air. They were purchased INSIDE city limits.

While I want the fireworks people to make their money, I don't understand how you can tease everyone by allowing them to set up inside city limits while telling everyone they can't set off what they just purchased.

I understand the fire risk due to the drought and lack of moisture, I mean we watched a fireworks display in Fort Worth last night on YouTube. That ended prematurely as some of the lit shards set the ground on fire.

I just don't feel we should even be allowed to purchase them if they aren't legal anywhere inside the city limits. Either make them legal next year or don't give us the temptation to buy them.

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