"Sesame Street" is a wonderful show for kids.  It is a show that parents watched as children and now their children watch the show.  "Sesame Street" is not only for fun entertainment it also teaches our kids about life.  It takes on some touch subjects that little ones have to deal with but don't exactly know how or why.  Subjects like death, divorce and hunger.  "Sesame Street" is now touching on a subject that a lot of kids are faced with, having a parent in jail.

Meet Alex the new "Sesame Street" Muppet who has a parent that is in jail.


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Alex will not be a regular on "Sesame Street" he will only be featured on the Sesame Street website in the Incarceration Tool Kit.

For more information on the Sesame Street Incarceration Tool Kit visit the website here.

This is why this show has lasted as long as it has, because it focuses on our kids.  It helps them learn, how to love, and how to help in tough situations.