Recent news headlines in Texas have sounded the alarm that Six Flags could be moving out of the Lone Star State. While the headlines are a little misleading, it did make us wonder what we would do if suddenly the Six Flags theme parks were no longer in Texas. Here is what we came up with.

First, Will Six Flags Really Leave Texas?

No. Six Flags will not simply disappear from Texas. All that is being talked about is a possible merger with another titan of theme parks, Cedar Fair. The only thing that would leave Texas is the Six Flags headquarters. We'd get to keep our parks. Everyone can relax.

So technically, yes, Six Flags would leave Texas. However, it would be pretty much the same way that Whataburger left Texas. By that, I mean not really leaving at all.

What Would We Do If Six Flags Left Texas?

First, we'd probably all throw a massive group hissy fit. Six Flags is a big part of Texas summertime culture. I used to drive from Oklahoma to spend a day at Six Flags Over Texas. It's a staple.

Second, we'd try our best to move on. We have a lot of amusement parks in Texas. I even put together a list of some of the most popular ones we have in the Lone Star State. They range from beachfront fun to theme parks that are accessible to everyone.

We Could Spend More Time Out In Nature

Texas is blessed with a wide variety of state and national parks. From the desert to the pines of east Texas, we've got every outdoor experience you could want. We even have the second-largest canyon system in the nation.

There are several places you can camp, glamp, or rough-it while making some summer memories.

Thankfully, We Get To Keep Our Rides

Thankfully, we won't have to find out what we would do without Six Flags. The parks are staying. All we'll say goodbye to is the headquarters, which I don't think most of us will notice anyway. If the deal goes through, or if it doesn't, we'll still get our summer at Six Flags.

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