Last week, there was a social media scam where a fake Canyon Aqua Park Facebook account would ask you to register information in order to receive a prize you had won. This week, it's the same scam but with a different Canyon business.

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The latest is Sweet Sipz Texas. According to a post on social media from the real Sweet Sipz Texas, you shouldn't accept a friend request or message from them. It's a scam.

In the spirit of the last time we saw this type of scam show up, you'll get a friend request and a message congratulating you on winning a prize. This one doesn't even bother to define what the prize is.

They send you a link to a "registration" page. Once there, you'll fill out some information and then send a screenshot.

Sweet Sipz Texas reminds you to not give out any personal info, and to report the fake account.


One of the big red flags is of course the fact that these requests come from a personal Facebook page pretending to be the business. Majority of businesses have a page that you like. They aren't profiles that you "friend." Also, the name of the business is spelled wrong. It's easy to miss. All they did was leave out a space.

Another big red flag is someone telling you that you've won a prize that, one, they don't even define. Two, it's a prize you didn't even know you were in the running for.

Keep in mind, just as with the Canyon Aqua Park scam, if it seems too good to be true; it probably is. Don't be quick to give up your personal info.

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