Nothing is more fun than taking the family out and enjoying some time at the circus. All the death-defying acts and all of the animals to see. There are many memories to be made at a circus.

I mean if it is actually happening that is. That is what happened recently in Borger. Apparently, there are flyers going around about a circus at The Dome on October 5th. The only problem is that it is not actually happening.

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The City of Borger has absolutely no part in this circus and there is no circus on the actual schedule for The Dome. So it looks like this fun family day is just a scam. Really this is what makes me hate people like this.

Scammers are the absolute lowest form anyway but imagine having a child that was told about this circus. Kids get their hopes up and get excited about stuff. Especially when it comes to a fun time like the circus.

So not only did these scammers steal the parents hard earned money if they went out and purchase tickets but they also crushed the hearts of the children. That is not right in my book at all. You don't hurt children ever.

So if you see the flyers around town do as suggested. Pull those down and toss them. Hopefully, this was an honest mistake. I am going to try to think positively. I went to the website and Borger is not listed anymore.

They are showing a circus happening in White Deer, Pampa, Muleshoe, and Dumas. I would definitely verify with the actual city to make sure the circus is indeed happening before I handed over any money for tickets.

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