So it has been a while since our last bunch of scammers were trying to get us. Unfortunately as we are getting close to the holiday's this is not the case. For some reason the holiday's, which should bring out the best in people, sometimes don't.

We need to be aware at all times about suspicious phone calls and texts but something about the holiday's. Apparently the bad guys want to take our hard earn money and tug at our heartstrings even more at this time of year.

The bad guys don't even leave the children out of their bad doings. We will see an increase in messages about unfortunate kids who may not have a Christmas. Then they will include a link. A link that you do not want to click on. A link that will help them take all of your information.

Question Any and All Calls and Texts Trying to Get Your Information

Recently the Amarillo Police Department had to get on Facebook and also remind us. Don't fall for the scare tactics some of these scammers are trying to take. No, our utility companies like Xcel and Atmos will not call you threatening to turn off your services.

credit: Amarillo Police Department Facebook
credit: Amarillo Police Department Facebook

When in Doubt Hang Up and Call the Company Back

This is good advice regardless of who is asking for your money or info. If you are ever in doubt hang up the phone. Then you can look up the company yourself. Don't use a phone number they give you during the phone call. That will just lead you back to them. Find a trusted number.

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