Straight from video vault of comedy enterprise Second City comes this vintage (April 1994) performance by Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert. You'll want to make sure you're sitting down because it's a Fabio impression for the books. For those of you who don't remember Fabio, he was an Italian male model who graced the covers of more than a few romance novels with his glorious long blond hair and sculpted bare chest.

The grainy footage begins with a mood-setting piano number, before the spotlight pans to a bare chested Carell, who wearing black pants and a luxurious blond wig, strikes a pose.  Carell really nails Fabio's romance novel stance and it's clear by multitude of laughs coming from the audience members, they agree. Once "Fabio" starts speaking, you realize his voice is off like one of those out-of-sync actions flicks. Apparently, Fabio's Italian bravado is voiced by none other than Stephen Colbert. How amazing is that? The footage is a little difficult to understand, but we definitely made out "cream rinse is a gift from God" and "Ciao bellissima." We're loving this peek into Carell and Colbert's early careers -- and of Carell's hairy chest.

The clip comes from the 1994 revue Are You Now or Have You Ever in Chicago. Splitsider, who originally posted the video, were given access to the Second City video vaults. So be prepared for more retro laughs as they start pulling clips from the archives. We're hoping this priceless video inspires Carell and Colbert to recreate the sexy event. Maybe Fabio will even partake? Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson did walk a runway in Paris on March 10 as Zoolander and Hansel, so it's not impossible.

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