Here we go with another round of strange gifts on Etsy.  Since Mother's Day is this Sunday, let's take moment and see what strange gifts you can find for mom.

Spoon and Fork


Yes, it says Love You Mom, but really unless your mother collects eating utensils is this the way to go?

Terrarium Necklace


Nothing says "Happy Mother's Day" like moss around your neck.

Fossil Necklace


Yes it is in the shape of a heart, but don't you think it might be taken the wrong way?  Like some how saying mom is a fossil?  Just a thought.

Umbilical Cord Necklace


Not even in clay would I wear something like this, but hey that's just me.  Maybe your mom is a new age kind of mom.

Weird Card


Good Idea: Getting Mom a card on Mother's Day.  Bad Idea: Getting Mom a card on Mother's Day that makes her check behind her because it scares the living daylights out of her.

Fetus in a Jar Necklace




Now that we've seen the weird, what are you getting your mom for Mother's Day?