Delays and Closures Due To Snow
Because of snow and ice, there will be highway and business closures around Amarillo today, December 28th, 2015.
Although Amarillo was prepared for a much bigger snowstorm than what we got this weekend, the roads are still icy and dangerous in some areas...
Why I Don't Like Ice and Snow
I must admit I was thankful that I was on vacation when the snow started coming down on Friday.  I knew that I could stay warm and cozy in my house and didn't have to worry about getting out and battling the roads.
Ice Tsunami Creeps On Land & Into Houses [VIDEOS]
We've all seen the insane footage that is a Tsunami. While this video is not on that level, it is completely mesmerizing. The video lasts a couple minutes and during this time you can see a wave of slow moving ice make it's way from the shore right into (and even inside) some houses.