Uncalled For Comments About The Panhandle Wildfires
UPDATE: Ashley released a statement and apoligy from her blog you can read the full blog HERE It’s me, admitting I should’ve done my research instead of just trying to make a quick one liner after something a cohost said. Of course I understand what I said hurt many people.  I also understand that it was a stupid, dumb mistake. Something we and all local media companies in the panhandle strive for
Vote for Delilah
Our very on Delilah has received a nomination for the National Radio Hall of Fame.  This is the first time in 5 years that listeners will be able to vote for this honor.
How Do You Listen to the Radio?
We live in an age today where just about anything is at our finger tips.  I have been working in radio (and yes I am about to date myself) for 17 years.  In those 17 years the business has changed quite a bit.  However, I love the fact that radio is so accessible these days.
CNN Gets Intimate with Delilah
Every weeknight and Sundays you hear Delilah on Mix 94.1 from 7-12m.  She is the Queen of Sappy Love Songs, but we love her and her show.  Valentine's Day is the perfect day to share with Delilah about your love or your heartache.  However, we wanted to share an intimate profile of Delilah with you.