Why did I get into radio?

That is one of the most asked questions I get when I meet people, so I thought I would go beyond the short "bio" and give you a little more insight.

The first time I was bitten by the radio bug was around the age of 7, believe it or not.

Unlike some children who grow up and follow in their parents footsteps, radio was were I wanted to be.

My mom was a store clerk and my dad was a merchant marine, but for whatever reason I wanted to play records and talk on the radio.

I remember that I would call the radio station dj's a few times a week and chat with them in between records and told them of this "dream" of mine of being on the air.

Nowadays, you can find dozens upon hundreds of books on "self-marketing", but I was doing that before I even knew what it was. I was marketing myself, by getting my name out and didn't even know it.

(note: at first this was to be just one small little post to let you get to know me a bit better, but as I look and how much I've written, I've decided to break this up into a weekly blog. No need to overload you, or perhaps bore you, with everything all at once. Your feedback is most welcomed for this weekly blog. If their is enough interest, than I'll continue writing it, if not, well, that's cool too. Please let me know)



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