It is not uncommon to go into a place of business and see someone with headphones in their ears. Especially if they work in an office environment. If not headphones at work...maybe they have a radio on or it is playing through their computer.

Work has definitely become a place that people like to listen to music while they are getting through their day. The good news about this is that you probably find yourself more productive.

Your boss may even start noticing you getting a lot more done. According to a new study it has been found that people finished a task almost three minutes faster while they were listening to music.

That noisy co-worker doesn't seem to distract you as much when you are listening to your music. Just think of how much more work you can get done.

Plus don't forget the thought behind music just making you happier. It really does perk up your day and when you are happy you tend to get even more done. So if you need a reason to listen to music. I think I just found you two. You are more productive and happier at work.

So turn that radio on and feel free to sing along to your favorite song, well maybe keep it to a lower level.....but enjoy music while you work.

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