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Amarillo is Not Lucrative for Flipping Houses
I have this odd obsession and that is watching house flipping shows. I will get up early on a Saturday morning to watch multiple episodes of Flipping Vegas and Zombie House Flipping. I love these shows and deep down I find myself thinking, hey I could flip a house. Then reality sets in and I come…
Wait Til You See the Inside!
Owning a home is such a wonderful accomplishment.  However, sometimes we have to sell a home due to moving, needing a bigger place, and even due to a death.  Looking for a new home can be fun and exciting.
Amarillo's $2.1M House
Do you have a few million dollars laying around? If so, this house could be yours! I found the house on Zillow and it's freaking gorgeous.
It's estimated Mortgage is about $8,556 a month and a HOA fee of about $62. Built in 2008 the house is made for a single family with 5 bedrooms and…
For Sale: Poseidon's Fortress
I get that when you have money, you tend to spend money.  With that money you might have a house that you deck out the way you want it, then you realize that you want a different house.  So you have this over the top house, and you need to get it sold and recoup what you put in it.  S…
‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ House For Sale
Ferris Bueller's Day Off is a cult classic.  A day in the city of Chicago with 3 high school kids playing hookey.  One of the iconic houses in the movie, Cameron's House is up for sale.  It was the iconic glass house on stilts where the Ferrari goes through the window.

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