Amarillo Traffic, You either really love it or you just can't stand it. After spending time in bigger cities, the one thing I do like is it literally takes no time to get around bomb city. Trust me sitting on I-35 for 45 minutes just to move half a mile is no fun in Austin. There's one stretch of road here in town that's a little bit of wild west though.

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Soncy road, which I'm pretty sure would be better named the Soncy freeway, especially at night when the crotch rockets and speed racers are going 80-90 miles an hour down the road blowing through lights. There is a change coming though, The folks over at TXDOT have been swapping out road signs and it looks like slower times are coming.

Flagger directing traffic, holding "Slow" sign

The Big Slowdown

According to the folks at TXDOT and APD, The speed limits are coming down about 10 miles per hour. Soncy Road from Amarillo Blvd through 45th street is going from 50 Miles per hour to 40. and from there through Perry Blvd the speed is dropping from 60 to 50 Miles Per Hour.

Folks who are south of Perry Blvd have already had the speed limit lowered from there through country club road as you make your way out to Canyon, This basically helps even it out throughout the drive.

Don't be surprised to see a radar gun or two...

One thing I'll bet my hard earned dollar on is this. Anytime they make a change in speed limits, you know the boys in blue are sure to be out there making sure everyone is playing by the rules.

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