In Texas, we take our safety pretty seriously. It seems that our state legislature is always looking out for ways to protect us. In 2023, Texas took terroristic threats to task and decided to fight back. Part of that included a big giant registry for those that engage in terroristic activity.

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Texas Created Their Terrorist Offender Registry In 2023

The registry was a part of a group of laws passed in 2023. You can see the full text of the law that created the registry at this link. On its face, it seems like a fantastic idea. Let's keep a list of people guilty of terroristic behavior.

They also created a list of criminal offenses related to terrorism.

What Is The Texas Terrorist Offender Registry?

Basically, it works like the other registry that we're all very familiar with. If you commit an offense that is deemed terroristic, you go on the registry. All of your information winds up in a database, and it will probably follow you for the rest of your life.

How Is The Texas Terrorist Offender Registry Different?

It works pretty much the same way that the sex offender registry works. The major difference is in who can view the information on the registry.

The terrorist offender registry is not open to the public in the same way that the sex offender registry is. You won't be able to go search late at night and see how many terrorists are living in a four-block radius of your house.

Another interesting fact about the terrorist offender registry is that when it was created, it was the only one in the country. That's right. Texas is leading the way when comes to keeping a catalog of terrorists.

Some of the offenses that count as terroristic might surprise you. For instance, under this piece of legislation, criminal homicide is considered a terroristic offense. Aggravated assault and aggravated sexual assault also find themselves on the list. There are a ton of offenses that wind up being considered a terroristic offense.

Check out the entire bill here.

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