There have been several times we've talked about the unexplained things you find lurking in the shadows of the Lone Star State. More than once we've gone through various Big Foot, UFO, and ghost sightings.

According to some recent research, though, none of those things top the list of "Most Popular Cryptid" in Texas. Our favorite monster is a total goat sucker.

Goodbye Big Foot; Hello Chupacabra

According to research done by the inquiring minds at Cree Lighting, the most popular cryptid (monster) in Texas is the chupacabra.

In case you are completely unaware, a chupacabra is a creature that somewhat resembles a dog or wolf. Its name means "goat sucker," and it's believed that this creature has a tendency to attack and drink the blood of livestock.



It Shouldn't Be Shocking Considering The "Chupacabra" Of Amarillo

Remember that weird photo released by the Amarillo Zoo? The one of some creature that looked like it was infested with mange, talking a long two-legged walk home at the end of a bender?

City of Amarillo
City of Amarillo

I typed in "chupacabra amarillo texas" in the Google search bar, and was instantly inundated with articles about our mysterious zoo creature. I was unaware that, globally, people were referring to it as a chupacabra.

I still think it's a furry taking a long walk home.

Have There Ever Been Chupacabras Found?

Not that I've seen evidence of. There have been a handful of times where something was found that was thought to be the dangerous and elusive chupacabra, and it was just a coyote with mange.

I even found instances in New Jersey where what was thought to be a chupacabra turned out to be a fox with mange.

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